Terms of Business

Terms of Business

The general terms and conditions of sale below apply to DoorDepot Warehouse Ltd hereinafter called The Door Depot

1. General

1.1 These conditions shall apply to all trading between The Door Depot and the customer. Acceptance by The Door Depot of an order is conditional upon acceptance by the customer of the following conditions.
1.2 No variation of these conditions shall be binding upon The Door Depot unless previously agreed by The Door Depot in writing.

2. Placing an Order

2.1 Payment in full is required at the time of order.
2.2 Orders will only be deemed to be accepted upon issue of sales invoice and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the details contained in the Order Confirmation are correct.

3. Prices

3.1 The Door Depot have the right to alter prices without prior notice.
3.2 Orders are accepted at the prices applying at the time of order.
3.3 All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.

4. Delivery of goods

4.1 The Door Depot will not be liable for any claims arising due to delay as a result of strikes, materials, shortages or any circumstances beyond our control.
4.2 Where the customer refuses to accept an agreed delivery, the agreed delivery cost will be paid in full and each further attempted delivery will be charged at a minimum of £50. No goods will be released without a signature from the customer or his/her representative.
4.3 Please view our website for more information on deliveries.

5. Reservation of Title

5.1 The property of goods sold by the Door Depot to the customer shall remain vested in the Door Depot until all sums owed by the customer to the Door Depot on whatever grounds, shall have been paid.
5.2 The customer grants the Door Depot permission to enter at all times any premises in the occupation of the customer or to which the customer has access and where the goods to which title has not passed to the customer from the Door Depot may then be situated.
5.3 The Door Depot shall then have the right to repossess goods sold by the Door Depot which have not been paid for.

6. Risk

6.1 Goods supplied by The Door Depot shall be at the customers risk immediately upon delivery to the customer or into custody on customer’s behalf and the customer shall arrange suitable insurance accordingly.

7. Products – Timber

7.1 The Door Depot reserves the right to withdraw products from sale without prior notice.
7.2 All products (except ex-stock) are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against faulty materials or manufacture, provided that The Door Depot shall be under no liability under the said guarantee if (a) the customer has not paid in full for the goods or (b) the customer has not executed or attempted to execute repairs or alterations to the goods which are not authorised by The Door Depot or has failed in any other respect to store the goods correctly or has mishandled the goods or failed to adhere strictly to the terms of hereof or (c) The Door Depot has not been notified of any defect within one month of the defect becoming apparent. Ex-Stock doors are “sold as seen” and do not carry a guarantee and are non-returnable.
7.3 As timber is a natural material it is subject to changes in temperature and humidity. The Door Depot does not accept liability for natural movement or distortion, warping, swelling, or splitting caused by the product being exposed to extremes of temperature or humidity, or it is not correctly stored, treated or hung.
7.4 All timber products pictured in our catalogues, web site and other literature have been pre-finished (stained, waxed or lacquered) prior to photography and are therefore not an exact representation of the product you may have selected. Vagaries of the printing process mean that colours shown may vary slightly from the final product.
7.5 All timber products are supplied unglazed and unfinished unless otherwise specified. Timber products ordered at different times may come from a different batch. All efforts will be made by The Door Depot to match, however no responsibility will be accepted where variations occur.

8. Goods ordered in error

8.1 The Door Depot may at its discretion exchange goods to the same value subject to their return of the goods ordered in error, in their original condition. However a surcharge of 25% will be deducted for handling and a restocking charge in accordance to our suppliers terms.

9. Shortages / Defective & Faulty Goods

9.1 Customers must advise The Door Depot within 7 working days from receipt of goods. All packaging and goods must be retained by the customer for inspection. In the event of goods proving to be defective (Manufacturer’s defect only) which require replacement, the liability of The Door Depot shall not exceed the replacement value of the faulty goods.
9.2 The Door Depot shall not be responsible for any incidental work or expenses arising out of or because of any defect in our product, or bad workmanship applied to our products. Products found to be faulty within 1 year of purchase as a result of workmanship or materials will be replaced free of charge after proof of purchase has been established. No responsibility however can be accepted if wrongful or incomplete installation was carried out by the customer or its representative.
9.3 Replacement glass cannot be provided to any internal/external pre-glazed doors.  DoorDepot are unable to supply matching replacement glass and a new door will have to be ordered.

10. Cancellations and Delayed Deliveries

10.1 Cancellation of orders will only be accepted when all costs and expenses, or loss or damage incurred by The Door Depot, by reason of the cancellation, have been met by the customer.
10.2 All cancellations must be received in writing. A handling charge of 25% will be made for costs incurred by The Door Depot due to suspension or deferment of orders.

11. Application of Conditions and Acceptance of Terms

11.1 Where these terms and conditions in any way conflict with any terms on which the customer has purported to purchase goods from The Door Depot, the conditions printed above shall prevail.
1.2 The placing of an order by the customer shall indicate acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with The Door Depot’s Care and Treatment document and Supply and Fit document where appropriate.

12. English Law

12.1 Any contract made subject to these conditions shall be deemed to have been made in    England and shall be governed by English Law.

13. Statutory Rights

13.1 These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Care and Treatment of your Products

 1. Timber Products

1.1 The care taken during manufacture and the quality of the raw materials ensure that your timber products will give you many years of good service, providing they are treated and stored in accordance with our recommendations (see below).
1.2 Timber is a natural material, which is subject to changes in temperature and humidity, it is common for natural movement or distortion, warping, swelling or splitting to occur if the door is exposed to extremes of temperature or humidity, or it is not correctly stored, treated or hung. A bow of 4mm along the length of the door is considered to be within the manufactured tolerances.
1.3 Every door must be properly treated against moisture immediately upon unpacking.
1.4 Please check your door carefully for any possible faults before commencing work.
1.5 If the door is not being hung on the day of purchase it must be stored flat in dry conditions until required. Doors must not be stored in areas that have recently been plastered or where they can come in contact with steam.
1.6 Doors must be reduced to size equally from both sides. Do not trim more than 1/4” (6mm) from any side, top or bottom.
1.7 Both faces, all four edges and any areas which have been cut to receive hinges, letter plates, door handles, etc, must be completely and fully treated with paint or Base Coat Stain product without delay and before the door is hung. It is most important to treat the top and bottom edges as the grain reacts fastest of all the moisture ingress.
1.8 The door must not be exposed to adverse conditions until it has been properly finished by application of suitable treatments. For best results apply paint or Wood Stain product with the door lying flat. A minimum of three Base Coats and three Top Coats are required to completely finish the door.
1.9 Decoration should be carried out in accordance with the usual trade practice. Products should be clean and dry and pre-sealed in accordance with the above. The instructions of the paint or stain manufacturer must be strictly adhered to. Failure to carry out the recommended instructions for decoration and sealing can seriously affect the performance of your door.
1.10 Regular maintenance of doors should be undertaken to prevent breakdown of the finishing coat and so protect the performance of your door.
1.11 We shall not be held responsible for any incidental work or for problems resulting from poor workmanship applied to our products. Our recommendations Please check your door for faults i.e. damage, warping, splitting, bowing or scratched glass on delivery or collection and before any alterations are made, as we cannot replace faulty doors after such alterations have been carried out. Carrying out alterations shall deem you to have accepted the goods supplied. – Where a size reduction is necessary, always take equal amounts off both edges – Mortice locks must not be positioned at the joints – Ensure lock cavities are kept to a minimum – Store in a cool, dry atmosphere and keep flat. Do not store or hang in a newly plastered room or suddenly expose to central heating or other forms of direct heat – It is vital that finishing treatment, stain or paint, be applied prior to installation. It is also vital that all cut outs for letterboxes, locks etc and all four edges are sealed with at least 3 coats (4 coats for external doors) of finishing treatment once the door has been hung – A suitable weatherboard must be fitted on all external doors and a head drip when fitting an outward opening door – Stable doors should be fitted with weatherboards on both leaves and are manufactured to open inwards only – At least one coat of finishing product should be applied every two years to protect against deterioration and ensure longevity.

1.12 External Door Specific. Even in times past, it was never advisable or intended that timber entrance doors be fully exposed to the worst elements of our climate, even if well coated. A South/South Westerly elevation is the worst direction for the prevailing weather and exposure to the hottest sun and external doors can be seriously degraded, especially for oak. We recommend they are set back from the front face of the building or covered by a canopy or porch way projecting not less than about 1.5m, regardless of elevation. Future maintenance is most important to retain good appearance over many years and we recommend washing down with warm water and detergent every two to three months and recoating. It is important that the decoration/protective coating is maintained sometimes as often as 6 monthly to maintain the warranty. Note: The door warranty is void if the door protective is not maintained correctly

1.13 Internal Door Specific. We strongly advise against the installation of all types of timber doors into buildings with recent plastered or screeded areas. Wet sites with enclosed unheated buildings represent extremely detrimental environments and must be thoroughly dry, without condensation, before doors are introduced.

2. Brass Products

2.1 Some of our products are protected by advanced lacquers (unless specified) and under normal circumstances should give many years service. They should be cleaned with a cloth moistened with soapy water or alternatively wiped over with a soft cloth with beeswax. Under no circumstances use any form of metal cleaner or aerosol spray.
2.2. After a period of time the lacquer coating, especially on external fittings, can suffer a possible breakdown. Therefore, the life of the lacquer is beyond the manufacturers control and cannot be guaranteed.
2.3 When the lacquer coating has broken down, remove the brass fittings and coat using a soft brush with acetone thinner e.g. “Nitromores” according to the manufacturers instructions. Completely dry the product using a soft cloth and metal polish, such as “Brasso” or “Duraglit”. At this stage the product can either be re-lacquered or polished as and when required.
2.4 A fresh coat of lacquer may be applied, but we strongly recommend that, especially for external use, you should leave the item un-lacquered.

3. Chrome Products

3.1 Our Chrome products are virtually maintenance free. However, deposits will accumulate especially on external fittings. We therefore recommend regular cleaning with a soft cloth and non-abrasive wax polish. This will ensure the original appearance is maintained.

4. Stainless Brass (PVD) Products

4.1 These products have an advanced vacuum treated process and come with a full 25 year guarantee. The technology involved in this process renders the surface impervious to damage in normal use including oxidation, wear and abrasion.
4.2 We do however; recommend the removal of surface dirt by dusting with a soft cloth. Stubborn stains can be removed with the use of white spirit or similar spirit based products

5. Door finishing

5.1 It is vital that finishing treatment, stain or paint be applied prior to installation. However, it is probable that during the installation, the edges of a door will be trimmed. For this reason, no finishing products will have been applied to either edge or the top and bottom of the door. If the customer decorates the products themselves, they should not stain or paint these edges until after the installation is complete.
5.2 Following the installation the customer shall ensure that all cut-outs for letterboxes, locks etc and all four edges are sealed with at least 3 coats (4 coats for external doors) of good quality finishing treatment once the door has been hung. Timber products that are not protected in this way will not be guaranteed.

6. Statutory Rights

6.1 These Term and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights