10 year guarantee
Guarantee on all internal doors.



Product Size Availability
OFFOLD2 2090 x 1278 x 135mm
OFFOLD3 2090 x 1890 x 135mm
OFFOLD4 2090 x 2502 x 135mm
OFFOLD5 2090 x 3114 x 135mm
OFFOLD6 2090 x 3726 x 135mm
OFFOLD7 2090 x 4338 x 135mm
OFFOLD8 2090 x 4950 x 135mm

Add flexibility to your living enviroment with the Freefold door system.

Whether you want to make one room two or two rooms one the Freefold is the choice. The system allows for:

The creation of two rooms by closing all of the doors
The creation of one large room by fully opening the doors
An internal French door solution with side panels.

Available in Oak and on any internal doors in our range listed for this system in 24″. This allows you to complement other internal doors from our range with the Freefold.

Freefold product includes:

Oak veneered frame (includes head, jambs and decorative stops)
Floor mounted guide (excluding Freefold 2)Add Row
All folding hardware (excluding handles)

(Freefold products is only available when purchasing relevant XL Joinery doors)