We specialise in supplying timber doors of the highest quality. It is our aim to respect the importance of the conservation of all of our natural resources.

Timber is a renewable, natural resource, which if managed properly, is replaceable and inexhaustible. With our timber suppliers and manufacturers we strive to ensure that we encourage good forest management and best practice.

We also ensure that the environment is fully considered during manufacture, ensuring that waste is kept to a minimum and wherever possible, we aim to reuse and recycle any materials used, that may otherwise go to landfill. We are committed to being fully compliant with all relevant environmental legislation associated with the Company’s activities.

Other areas of environmental concern are also considered such as social issues, power usage and the use of solvents. We will continually work with all relevant parties and organisations to further develop various mechanisms for enhancing the management of forests around the world.

Please be assured that Door Depot is committed to providing you with long-lasting products of the highest quality with the least effect on the environment.